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Introduction to Pashmina

Pashmina refers to a type of fine cashmere wool and the textiles made from it, therefore pashmina and cashmere is the same. Finest pashmina is finest cashmere. The name comes from Pashmineh, made from Persian pashm ("wool").The wool comes from changthangi or pashmina goat, which is a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayas in Nepal. Pashmina shawls are hand spun, woven or knitted to make shawls, stoles, mufflers and different kinds of knit wears.

Some people believe Pashmina from Nepal are the best in quality because of the conditions to which the mountain goats have adapted over centuries. The high Himalayas of Nepal has a harsh, cold climate and in order to survive, the mountain goats have developed exceptionally warm and light fiber which may be slightly coarser and warmer than cashmere fibers obtained from lower region goats. Nepali pashmina comes from a Changra ( himalayan goat).
 There we find very cold temperatures, and the climate is very supportive to the pashmina breed of goat.To survive the freezing environment at 14,000 feet altitude, it grows a unique, incredibly soft pashm (inner coat) six times finer than human hair because it is only 14-19 microns in diameter, it cannot be spun by machines, so the wool is hand-woven or knitted into cashmere products including shawls, scarves, wraps, throws, stoles, sweaters, cardigans, hats etc. for export worldwide.

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